Glafkos N.Raphael & CO LLC

Advocates Since 1956

Areas of Practice

Since February 1956 Glafkos N. Raphael & CO LLC is active in Cypriot Courts.


Fields of Professional activity include:


Contract Disputes

General Litigation on every aspect of Contract Law including Trading and Building Disputes and Claims.

Legal Advice and Court Pre-emptive remedies, in all kinds of litigation

The Laws of Cyprus provide pre-emptive remedies in cases where irreparable damages are likely to occur to the Petitioner. Such remedies are pursued through Applications drafted and filed simultaneously with the main action and are supported by affidavit in which the applicant attached proof that his claim is valid and the causation of irreparable damage more than probable. If the requested restraining or other order is granted by the Courts the applicant will have to sign a Guarantee document before the Court Register. The court order issued is returnable giving the Respondent the chance to appear in court with his defense.

Recovery of debts

Through legal action and other enforcement measures


Personal Bankruptcy and Company Liquidations and other Company Law dispute

Land Law

Sale/purchase agreements of real estate, restraining orders through the District Court of Cyprus

Rent Tribunal litigation

Applications for eviction and Recovery of outstanding rents and Application for re-adjustment of existing Rents through the special Rent Control Courts of Cyprus.

Accidents and Personal injuries claims

Through Court litigation and settlement negotiations with Insurance Companies. Our office has handled claims for more than 60 years arising from Road accidents Employment accidents etc.
*Insurance Claims
Court litigation both for claim arising from Insurance Contracts local or International cases.

Libel & Slander,

Compensation claims arising from Libel and Slander

Enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards

Pursuant to the relevant Laws and agreements of the Republic of Cyprus with the European Common Wealth and other States

Family Law

Property Issues
Custody, Alimony, Adoption and other Family Law applications filed at the Family Law Courts of Cyprus

Employment disputes

Compensation application and recovery of unpaid salaries and other benefits at the Special Employment Court in Cyprus.

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Real Estate


– Registration of Vessels in the Cyprus Registry
– Drafting of related Contracts and Applications
– Maritime Insurance claims
– Court litigation and Negotiation for claim arising from Insurance contracts

Intellectual Property

– Copyright Protection and Registration of Trade Mark as Cypriot European and/or International
– Patents of invention, registration under several jurisdictions and international bodies
– Registration services for WIPO.
– Franchise Agreements and Negotiations

Sport Management

Our clients include top athletes (mainly footballers), football clubs and International Sports Agencies.
Our office has represented athletes and football clubs in procedures before the UEFA and FIFA Disciplinary and Players Status Committees. Represented clients and drafted agreements regarding transfers, sponsorship deals, Television rights, agreement negotiations.


Glafkos N.Raphael & CO LLC