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HOMERLAW COMPANY MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD is a company exclusively managed and controlled by partners of the Glafkos N. Raphael & Co L.L.C.


As the name implies its object is the Registration and Management of Companies in Cyprus both local and international.

Through a very experienced and qualified network of legal and financial advisors in Cyprus, Greece, Hong Kong and the UAE. Our firm has for more than two decades provided to worldwide clients tailor-made efficient financial structures and tax planning services at very competitive rates.

We also provide – through established associates – Corporate legal and auditing services in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands, Jersey, Marshall Islands, Seychelles, Liberia etc.

Our clients vary from Private and Public Companies (International and Local), Group of Companies engaging in International Trade, Brand name Distributors, Technology and Research Institutions to private Entrepreneurs and Consultants.   

Our office has also signed introducer agreements with major local and international Banking Institutions.  

Members of our legal staff have attended Anti Money Laundering (AML) Seminars and are duly authorized to act as AML officers by the Cyprus Bar Association. Our AML Manual has been approved by the Bank of Cyprus, the Hellenic Bank of Cyprus and Eurobank Cyprus. Our Hong Kong office provides similar banking services in Hong Kong and Singapore. We also co-operate with major Banking Institutions in the United Arab Emirates.

Our experienced staff will also provide your company with all the required management and administrative services namely:

  • Director Services
  • Secretarial Services
  • Registered Office Services
  • Correspondence handling
  • Invoicing
  • Drafting Company Resolutions and Minutes
  • Legal advice on contracts and International Trade agreements, litigation etc.
  • Account opening and overview
  • Trustee services
  • Full office, e-mail, fax and telephone facilities

Our off the shelf companies ensure that the client is able to start-off his activities almost immediately.

Our company premises and conference facilities are at the disposal of clients for any kind of meetings and presentations for their company.

Homerlaw also provides book-keeping and auditing services through Accountant Associates at very competitive fees.

In short we cater for all your Corporate needs, ensuring personal attention and prompt reliable and efficient service.

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